FMEA Workshop       

The Benchmark APQP Workshop combines classroom training with hands-on application to complete the FMEA correctly.  It is designed to provide participants with a basic understanding of the PFMEA philosophy, concepts, structure, and techniques.




This course includes training and reference materials customized to include history and data about your products and processes.  We incorporate your product names and characteristics, process terminology, and data into the training.

Our workshop combines classroom lecture with interactive exercises and live application of Process FMEA principles.

A pre- and post-test is given to evaluate the participant's learning and to identify follow up activities recommended for continual improvement.



I.  APQP Process Overview

          a.  Information Flow

          b.  Document Linkages


II.  Process Flow Diagrams

           a.  Overview

           b.  Column Definitions

           c.  Group Activity


III.  Process FMEA

          a.  Overview

          b.  Linkages

          c.  Column Definitions

          d.  Ranking Criteria

          e.  Group Activity

          f.  Guidelines






IV.  Control Plan

          a.  Overview


V.  Live Application

          a.  Process Flow

          b.  Process FMEA

          c.  Control Plan


VI.  Continual Improvement

          a.   Process Flow Diagram

          b.  Process FMEA


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