Equipment Acceptance Criteria and Evaluation
performing equipment evaluations is a labor intensive, short-term task


Determining acceptance criteria for new and rebuilt equipment is an important part of the quality planning process. 

Benchmark provides the full range of planning, corrective, and analysis services needed to determine the acceptability of new or rebuilt equipment.

Benchmark assists clients in determining criteria for equipment acceptance. Starting with the Significant Characteristics List and Process FMEA, our consultants work with the client’s engineers and operators to determine the acceptance criteria and develop a Pre-launch Control Plan. We use our past experiences to determine the best methods for data collection and analysis.

Our experience in advanced quality planning and new product/process launches, combined with our engineering resources, allows us to assist with designing process modifications when the acceptance criteria cannot be met.

Benchmark also assists clients with the labor-intensive activities needed to collect and analyze data during the equipment trial runs. Our skilled staff assists with measuring, recording, entering, and analyzing the data at a very cost-effective rate.

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