Documentation and Data Management

This issue tops the list of the ten most frequently issued nonconformance's.  Benchmark will help you develop procedures for all documents and data related to your quality system, including external documents.

Avoid common mistakes -- Benchmark can set up a system to:

  • establish a schedule for document and data review
  • identify and remove invalid and/or obsolete documents
  • maintain a master document list
  • record changes to documents and data
  • identify a timely review, distribution and implementation of customer engineering standards/specifications and changes
  • maintain a record of the engineering change production implementation date
  • ensure all applicable documents and data are readily accessible at relevant locations

Quality Records Control

Quality records comprise the evidence your company needs to demonstrate conformance to system requirements. Benchmark can develop a documented quality records control system that identifies record type and location, retention times, and means of disposal, making certain your records are:

  • identified
  • collected
  • filed
  • indexed
  • stored
  • maintained
  • accessible
  • legible
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