Audit Preparation

The key to success in any aspect of business operations is being prepared. Being prepared for the registration assessment is a critical step in any certification process.

Prepared means

"audit ready."




Benchmark clients range in size and scope from the smaller, family-owned operations to Fortune 100 companies. We design, develop and deliver customized audit preparation workshops that benefit our clients.  Being "audit ready" increases the potential for certification by:

  • Reducing tension during the audit process
  • Improving audit efficiency
  • Reducing the number of audit findings
  • Increasing company-wide confidence in audit performance

The success of your company’s registration assessment is directly linked to the level of preparedness for all personnel. Audit preparation is an overview of the audit process that includes:

  • Frequently asked questions regarding the audit process
  • Tips for appropriate audit response (audit do’s and don’ts)
  • What to expect during the audit
  • Understanding the auditor's expectations
  • Understanding auditor questioning and evidence-gathering techniques
  • Knowing questions auditors often ask
  • Identifying areas of audit focus

Increase your company’s potential for successful ISO 9001, TS 16949, or ISO 14001 registration – contact Benchmark for customized audit preparation services.

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