Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP) Training

A Benchmark Quality Engineer uses a hands-on approach to train your cross-functional team in the APQP process. To strengthen the learning experience, the client’s manufacturing process is used as a basis for developing APQP documents. The outline of the training activities includes:

  • APQP overview (with PPAP discussed for automotive clients)
  • Creating Flow Chart of the manufacturing process
  • Creating FMEA for the manufacturing process
  • Creating Control Plan for the manufacturing process

During the training, the APQP tools and methods are explained and participants break into groups to work through exercises using each tool.

A typical customized APQP class lasts two to four days, and varies depending on the complexity of the manufacturing process. This training results in a completed set of APQP documents for a sample process.

FMEA Workshop

The use of FMEAs on Product Designs and Business Processes is becoming a popular method for implementing cost savings and quality improvements.  Click here for more details.

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